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Lapel Pins & Badges

Connect with the Australian story and honour the sacrifices of those who have served with these collectors' favourite lapel pins and badges. From traditional poppies to more intricate pieces dedicated to specific conflicts and operations, find a lapel pin that helps you honour and commemorate from this sensational range.

Military themed solid aluminium prints


This stunning collection commemorates our service men & women. The unique MagnaBadge™ design means you won’t damage delicate fabrics. These badges easily attach to your lapel or clothing using the magnet at the back.

Military themed solid aluminium prints

Navy Lapel Pins and Badges

Discover the range of lapel pins and badges that recognise the service of the Royal Australian Navy and those who have served within it. Explore our range of pins for Navy commemoration, ships, establishments, submarines and more. Find Navy cadets pins and badges and uniform badges in the collection to honour service in the Royal Australian Navy.

Military themed solid aluminium prints

Army Lapel Pins and Badges

Find a wide range of Australian Army lapel pins and badges. Discover historical Rising Sun Hat badges, Corps and Regiment pins and modern hat badges of the Australian Army, as part of the range. With collectables and uniform lapel pins and badges available find something you'll love.

Military themed solid aluminium prints

Air Force Lapel Pins and Badges

Air Force Lapel Pins and Badges recognising modern and past service of the servicemen and women of the Royal Australian Air Force. Our range of pins includes historical pins, commemorating service of the AIF and RAAF, through to unique detailed 3D aircraft lapel pins.

Military themed solid aluminium prints

Veterans Lapel Pins and Badges

Honour our veterans and commemorate all those who have served with lapel pins and badges remembering and sharing the story of our veterans. Find beautiful veteran pins and badges, alongside lapel pins and badges for campaigns and conflicts.

Our Vietnam Veteran badges honour the some 60,000 Australians who served in the Vietnam war across land, air and sea. Honour the service of these brave men and women with stunning Vietnam Veteran lapel pins and badges.

Military themed solid aluminium prints

Poppy and Remembrance Lapel Pins and Badges

Share the story of remembrance and honour the bravery and sacrifices of those who have served across all the services. Discover traditional fabric poppy pins alongside unique intricate badges featuring vibrant poppies and wonderful commemorative touches that help you show your support and honour those who have served.

Military themed solid aluminium prints

World War 1 Lapel Pins and Badges

Honour and commemorate the Australian forces who were involved in WW1. Each item is created to capture the history and stories of the Great War, giving Australians a tangible connection to our past and a lasting memory to carry into the future. Find lapel pins and badges commemorating forces involved in the Gallipoli campaign, on the Western Front and in the Middle East. Remember the courage, sacrifice, and service of those who served. Explore the selection of centenary pins, Sands of Gallipoli pins, and the Gallipoli centenary.

Military themed solid aluminium prints

World War 2 Lapel Pins and Badges

Commemorate the servicemen and women that served in World War II. Honour and commemorate the actions undertaken by Australians in the War in the Pacific, the War in Europe and at home. These incredible and unique lapel pins commemorate those who served and recognise major battles and operations including the Defence of Port Moresby, the Battle of El Alamein, Bomber Command and more.

With WW2 Lapel Pins and Badges honour those who served and remember their sacrifices.

Military themed solid aluminium prints

Purple Poppy Lapel Pins and Badges

The Purple Poppy recognises the extraordinary loyalty and courage of all animals who serve alongside our military in times of war and peace. Discover beautiful Purple Poppy Lapel Pins and Badges, from the traditional fabric purple poppy pins to beautiful 3D badges and more.

Show your support with Purple Poppy badges.

Limited Edition Lapel Pins and Badges

Designed with care and much-loved, discover our unique range of Limited Edition Badges and Lapel Pins created to honour and commemorate.

Every release is strictly limited, with all pins and badges individually numbered. Highly collectable, beautifully detailed and designed in Australia, these special pieces honour the spirit of remembrance, with captivating details on every one, remembering the service and sacrifices of those who have served and continue to do so.

The Spirit of the ANZACS Collection