Indigenous Service

Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander people

Please be advised that this page may contain the names, images, and objects of deceased people.



Serving Country for 60,000 Years

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have a long-standing tradition of fighting for Country, in all conflicts and operations in which the nation's military forces have been involved, and they continue to serve with great honour in the Australian Defence Force. The 'Serving Country for 60,000 Years' collection commemorates the story of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' service in the defence of Australia, dating back to before Federation to modern times.

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Their Stories


HEADER BANNER: From top left to right: Soldier from Regional Surveillance Unit North West Mobile Force (NORFORCE). AWM 11437.001, AWM P02140.002, Department of Defence Image 20130708adf8186460-18, Department of Defence Image 20180904adf8561311_329.
From bottom left to right: Department of Defence 20190529adf8494074_156, Studio portrait of Lance Corporal Kathleen Walker. AWM P01688.001.

MIDDLE BANNER: From top left to right:Formal portrait of Gordon Naley. Virtual War Memorial of Australia, Captain Reg Saunders, The Argus newspaper, 1944. Fairfax Media, Department of Defence 20200624ran8247532_060.

BOTTOM BANNER: Tiki wears from left to right: Indigenous Service Poppy MagnaBadge™, Indigenous Service Limited Edition Lapel Pin, Indigenous Service Lapel Pin.