Caring Hands Light Horse Figurines

Caring Hands

Australian Light Horse Figurines

In Great War of 1914-1918 more than 130,000 Walers, powerful Australian-bred horses served overseas in support of Australia's war efforts. These unsung heroes of war pulled supplies and artillery, ran the gauntlet of fire to carry vital messages and, for the few selected to be part of the Australian Light Horse, carried men into battle in the Sinai, Palestine, Syria and across the Western Front. The care of these mounts was paramount.

The feed, health and comfort of these trusted Walers was a big undertaking and a great part of this responsibility fell to the horsemen. Grooming not only reinforced the close bonds between man and beast, it also afforded carers the opportunity to inspect their horses for soreness, wounds or sickness, ensuring they were ready for battle or service.

Few Australian soldiers who worked alongside horses had a closer relationship than that forged between the men of the Australian Light Horse and their trusty Walers. Some 32,000 men and 40,000 horses served with the Light Horse.

For most it was service in the fight against the Ottoman Empire in the open arid deserts of the Saini, Palestine and Syria. For a few it was the treacherous Western Front and its endless trench network and deadly wire entanglements. The risk to man and beast was ever present and over time this shared experience came to build the bond of trust and companionship honoured in these beautiful figurines.

Limited Edition Figurine

Size: 23cm high x 28.5cm long x 15.5cm deep.
Limited Edition Guarantee: Only 5000 castings available worldwide.

Each figurine comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Miniature Figurine

Size: 10cm high x 15.2cm long x 6.4cm deep.


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