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Exquisite military artworks from some of Australia's leading artists.

Commissioned Artworks

We commissioned world-leading artists to create sensational artworks for Gallipoli, Vietnam, Navy's First Fleet Centenary, Afghanistan, the Air Force Centenary, and the End of Service for the S-70A-9 Black Hawk. Prints are available on archive quality paper or as full-size canvas reproductions. These high quality framed and unframed prints and reproductions capture Australia's proud military history. All are strictly limited editions.

Military Fine Art Prints

Then. Now. Always.

Centenary of the Royal Australian Air Force Artwork

As part of the commemoration of the Royal Australian Air Force's first 100 years, we approached esteemed and award-winning aviation artist Drew Harrison and commissioned him to create an artwork that would truly memorialise this magnificent milestone.

Spanning the first 100 years of Air Force - from its beginnings at Point Cook in 1921,  through wars and peacetime to the present day and beyond, Drew's resulting masterpiece is painted on three highly-detailed panels measuring 1 metre x 1 metre.

Featuring 40 essential aircraft in incredible accuracy, the stunning image also carries a poignant engraved message from Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld, AO, DSC, Chief of Air Force.

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Black Hawk Sunset

Leading Australian aviation artist Drew Harrison was commissioned to create an artwork capturing the gritty S-70A-9 Black Hawk as it comes to its end of service with the Australian Army Aviation Corps. Drew has created the spectacular piece, Black Hawk Sunset, commemorating the Black Hawks in a deeply layered and intricate display. This sensational artwork captures the might of the Black Hawk and its continued importance to 5th and 6th Aviation Regiments while paying homage to the AAAvn.

Find a spectacular range of limited-edition items featuring this beautiful artwork and celebrate this powerful aircraft.

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The Spirit - Gallipoli Landing 1915

David Rowland's atmospheric oil painting The Spirit - Gallipoli Landing 1915 has been desribed by critics as "the most accurate depiction to date of the dawn landing at Anzac Cove on 25th April 1915". It captures the essence of the action some thirty minutes after the initial landing and strips away the myth associated with this iconic action in Australian military history. The artist researched the subject meticulously, down to the details of the uniforms, headdress and equipment worn that day, the terrain, the shipping offshore, and the light casualties sustained by the Australians around the cove at the beginning of the action.

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The Battle of Lone Pine

The Battle of Lone Pine, one of the most famous actions of the Gallipoli campaign, was mounted as a diversion to draw Turkish attention away from assaults against Sari Bair, Chunuk Bair and Hill 971. These operations, which became known as the August Offensive, were designed to affect a breakout from the ANZAC perimeter. The Lone Pine battlefield, named for a solitary Turkish Pine that stood there at the start of the fighting, stands near the centre of the eastern line of the Australian and New Zealand trenches around Anzac Cove on a rise known as '400 Plateau', which joined 'Bolton's Ridge' to the south with the ridge along the east side of 'Monash Valley' to the north. Drew Harrison's painting shows the close-quarters combat amid the utter devastation of the battlefield.

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The Battle of The Nek

Drew Harrison's painting is the result of extensive and painstaking research into the tragic charge of the light horse at The Nek on 7 August 1915. Uniquely depicted from the aspect of the Turkish forward trench, the painting depicts the early moments of the charge, when the first line of light horsemen hurled themselves across the few metres separating the combatants, only to be bloodily scythed down before they could even reach the enemy lines.

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Centenary of the First Fleet

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Royal Australian Navy's first fleet review, renowned Australian marine artist, Don Braben, has painted an outstanding artwork depicting the then fledgling Royal Australian Navy en-route to Sydney Harbour on the morning of 4 October 1913. The artwork, especially commissioned for the anniversary, captures a moment in time when the proud fleet of seven ships steam slowly in formation.

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Combined Arms Contact Vietnam 1969

For Australian soldiers Vietnam was largely a war of boots and bush. Short range contacts against an elusive enemy. While it was often infantrymen fighting on their own, there were occasions when they called on the support of other arms and services-armour, artillery or air support. Drew Harrison's painting depicts such an occasion. It captures the intensity of close range combat and demonstrates the battle winning value of combined arms action. It shows the Royal Australian Regiment, the 1st Armoured Regiment, the 3rd Cavalry Regiment and Air Force Hueys in the fight.

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Operation Slipper

Renowned Australian military artist, Barry Spicer, has captured the essence of this Afghanistan village patrol in his commemorative artwork, 'Operation Slipper - In Service Against Terrorism'. Painted in oil on canvas, the image shows soldiers, bushmasters and the faithful working dog, moving ever alert to unseen dangers.

Light Horse Art

Military Equestrian artists Ron and Jennifer Marshall are famous for the authenticity and accuracy of their paintings of the Australian Light Horse. We are proud to offer these fine artworks as high quality Giclee Limited Edition canvas prints or quality paper prints ready to frame. Click on the images below to browse the range of available quality prints.

About To Lose It
A Drop For My Mate
Bearing The Wounded
Billy Tea By A Quiet Oasis
Black Tracker
Desert Pursuit
Despatch Rider Gallipoli
Final Orders
Galloping Jack
Honouring His Heritage
Light Horseman
Midnight's Last Charge
My Blaze
On Outpost
Picking Anemones
Re-educating The Remounts
Rescue and Retreat
Taffy Waits
The Charge
The Horse Holder
The Letter
They're Off
Upon Your Mount You Carry Me
Waler With Flyveil
You Gave Me Your Water
You Lift Me Up
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