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Australia's Vietnam War: 50 Years On

Honouring Service and Sacrifice: Celebrating Life

2023 is, in many ways, the Year of the Vietnam Veteran. As we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War (1962-1973) it is time to honour the lives of these extraordinary servicemen and women – their service, their sacrifices, and their lives – the families they have created; the contributions they have made to Australia, and the dignity with which they have carried forward the ANZAC Spirit.

Special Collections and Memories

For some 30 years we have proudly worked alongside the Australian military and veterans' associations to create historic collections and memorabilia to remember the Vietnam War and honour those who served. It had been our privilege to share their story and to help preserve this proud history in families and communities for generations to come.

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Supporting our Veterans

Join our community to honour and support veterans.

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Join the Conversation

We're helping Australians of all ages better understand the life and times of our Vietnam Veterans as we commemorate the end of Australia's involvement in the war 50 years ago. We're sharing interesting social bits and pieces from the Vietnam War era to give you a feel of the world back then, but most importantly we're sharing your memories, stories, and pride. Join us in honouring our Veterans.

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A Symbol of honour for all

A Symbol of honour for all – This ANZAC Day wear their Long Tan Cross as a vivid symbol of respect for the service and sacrifice of all Vietnam Veterans.

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Australian Government 50th Anniversary Family Medallion

The Department of Veterans' Affairs has developed a special medallion to commemorate the end of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War. The medallion will be made available to all Australian Vietnam veterans or their family.

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Veterans on film

Newsreels and clips from the time

Throughout the Vietnam War cinematography brought the war into homes across Australia. We're sharing some as part of this special year for Vietnam Veterans. It's a chance to learn more about the times and attitudes, and perhaps rekindle your own memories. There are many young soldiers captured on film. Some will no longer be with us, others will be. If you recognise faces or places, or have memories, please share your insights.

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Vietnam War Medals

Medals for family to wear; to cherish; to remember.

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Life and Times

It is one thing to look at when the war happened but perhaps it is equally important to look at the world in which it took place. Just like people today, our veterans were shaped by events, popular culture, and the social values of the time. Times have changed but, in many ways, people are the same. Imagine yourself in that time, 1962-1973, and appreciate the people they were and are today.

1962: The Year in Review

It's 1962. Australia is enjoying post WWII prosperity and growth; the baby boom is coming to an end, and tennis legends Rod Laver and Margaret Court are the big names on world courts. Lucky Starr's hit "I've been everywhere" reaches #1 in Sydney and Roy Orbison's "Working for the Man" is a national hit. All is good you'd think, but the world also faces the real threat of nuclear annihilation when the Cuban Missile Crisis takes America and the Soviet Union to the brink of nuclear war. To help stem the spread of communism in Asia Australia commits its first soldiers to the conflict. Our Vietnam War has begun. Read the full 1962: The Year in Review.

Music of the Vietnam War

Music plays an incredible role in shaping society. Just like today, back in the Vietnam war era our veterans were listening to the music THEIR parents couldn't understand. Enjoy listening and learning. It's the music they listened to here and over there. Its memories to music.

Every few weeks we will release another year's hits, so make sure you pop back regularly. Please share this music with your friends and vote for your favourites.

Hits of 1962

It's 1962 and Lucky Starr's hit "I've been everywhere" reaches #1 in Sydney and Roy Orbison's "Working for the Man" is a national hit. But Australia is worried about communism's spread and the real prospect of nuclear war. Australia sends special military advisers to Vietnam marking the start of Australia's longest war of the 20th Century.

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Australian Government 50th Anniversary Family Medallion

The Australian Government, through the Department of Veterans' Affairs, has created a special commemorative medallion to mark the 50th anniversary of the end of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War. This strictly limited medallion created by our design team is only available to Australian Vietnam veterans, or their surviving family. Check eligibility requirements and apply for your medallion here.

Vietnam Remembered Book

Vietnam War Medals

A Privilege to wear: An honour to Share

Military medals are revered symbols of service. Those who earned them have the honour of wearing them on the left breast, while family and descendants wear them on the right. We create exacting replicas (full-sized and miniature) of Vietnam medal sets approved for wear and beautiful for display.

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Vietnam War Questions & Answers

When was the Vietnam War?

Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War was from 31 July 1962 till 11 January 1973 when the then Governor-General, Sir Paul Hasluck, proclaiming an end to Australia's involvement.

However, the war between the North and South had been underway since 1955 and while it technically ended after the signing of The Paris Peace Accords in January 1973, sporadic fighting started again and in 1975 the North launched a major push that ended with the capture of the southern capital of Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) on 30 April. So technically, from Australia's perspective, the war was 1962 till 1973, whereas for the Vietnamese the war ran from 1955 till 1975.

What was the Paris Peace Accords?

The Paris Peace Accords, agreed to by the United States, South Vietnamese, and North Vietnamese governments in January 1973 was an agreement to end the direct combat role of the U.S. in the Vietnam War. It outlined a cease-fire throughout Vietnam and called for the withdrawal of all U.S. troops and advisors; and the dismantling of all U.S. bases within 60 days of the signing; and the release by the North Vietnamese of prisoners of war.

How many Australians served during the Vietnam War?

About 60,000 Australian military personnel served in Vietnam between 1962 and 1973.

The first to serve were 30 members of the Australian Army Vietnam Training Team who arrived in Vietnam in July/August 1962. This grew to a battalion in 1965 and a task force by 1966. Australia's last combat troops left in March 1972 and the last Australian troops to leave were members of the Saigon Embassy Guard platoon who pulled out on 30 June 1973. Although additional service personnel returned in 1975 to assist with evacuations.

How many Australians were killed or wounded in the Vietnam War?

More than 520 Australians died in the war and around 3,000 were evacuated with wounds, injuries, or illness.

Were Australians conscripted to serve in Vietnam?

Yes. The Australian Government introduced a scheme of selective conscription known as national service in November 1964. Under the National Service Act 1964 selective conscription meant that a certain number of 20-year-old Australian men would be chosen to serve in the Australian Army. The Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force did not use the scheme for Vietnam.

How many men were conscripted during the Vietnam War?

Between 1965 and December 1972 some 15,381 National Servicemen served with the Australian Army in Vietnam. Under the National Service Scheme, Australian men aged 20 years were required to register with the Department of Labour and National Service (DLNS) for ballots that would select men for two years' fulltime service (reduced to 18 months in 1971). Over the years some 804,286 young men registered. Two ballots were drawn each year and in total 63,735 were selected for service. Most did not serve in Vietnam but instead served in the Australian Army in Borneo; Malaysia; Papua-New Guinea or in support units in Australia. Of those who served in Vietnam some 200 died in the war.

How were conscripts selected for service?

Choosing men to serve in the National Service Scheme was like a lottery. Numbered marbles, each representing a day of the year were placed in a barrel and a set number were then drawn randomly by hand one at a time. If the number picked corresponded to the day of the year on which a person was born they were required to present themselves for national service. The draw was generally referred to as the Birthday Ballot.

How old did you have to be conscripted for the Vietnam War?

Under the National Service Scheme 20-year-old men were required to register for the ballot that would randomly select men for two years fulltime service with the Australian Army, although not all would be sent to Vietnam.

What did the Australian Navy do in the Vietnam War?

As well as ferrying men to and from the logistics base at Vung Tau in Vietnam the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) had other important roles. Ships on the "gunline" provided naval gunfire against ground targets in support of Australian and United States (US) troops, while RAN clearance divers kept harbours and shipping lanes safe from enemy mines and attacks by enemy frogmen. They also disposed of unexploded ordnance.

Navy's helicopter crews also flew combat operations as part of the RAN Helicopter Flight Vietnam (RANFV) attached to the US Army 135th Assault Helicopter Company, and a detachment of naval aircrew also served with No. 9 Squadron RAAF flying the Bell UH-1B Iroquois or "Huey".

What was the Vung Tau Ferry?

Vung Tau Ferry was the nickname given to HMAS Sydney (III), a former aircraft carrier converted to serve in the Royal Australian Navy as a fast troop transport.

What was the Royal Australian Air Force's role during the Vietnam War?

One of the early roles for the RAAF in the Vietnam War was to provide air support for troop ships against possible sea attack by "a national power sympathetic" to the North Vietnamese. RAAF crew also played a significant role in transport with the Caribou STOL transport aircraft of RAAF Transport Flight Vietnam (later No. 35 Squadron RAAF) and in combat roles with the "Hueys" of No. 9 Squadron RAAF and the Canberra bombers of No. 2 Squadron RAAF. In July 1966, RAAF fighter pilots also began serving as airborne forward air controllers (FACs) flying United States Airforce planes to provide support to allied ground forces by directing strike aircraft against enemy targets on the ground.


Some 60,000 Australians served in the Vietnam War - on land, in the air and at sea. Find and share your story with these quality Vietnam commemorative products designed to honour the service of the brave young men and women who were called to war.

50th anniversary of the end of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War

Vietnam War 50th anniversary collection

We are honoured to support the Australian Government's 2023 commemorations marking 50th anniversary of the end of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War the production of the official 50th Anniversary Commemorative Medallion. Our knowledge of military design and history has helped create a masterful keepsake that will be treasured through the generations.

With the official commemorative medallion strictly limited to either the Veteran, or a surviving family member, we have also created a series of stunning linked mementos that can also be shared across community and family, worn to show your pride, and passed through the ages.

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50th anniversary of the end of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War

Vietnam War Tri-Colour collection

In 2020 we released this stunningly simple collection to bring together the elements of the Australian Navy, Army, and Air Force in a single idea that reflected the full commitment of Australian services to the Vietnam War. Fittingly we married this collection with imagery of the Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial in Canberra.

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Vietnam War Miniature Figurine and Display Stand Set

Vietnam War Figurine Collection

Figurines, and the meticulous eye for detail they require, are one of our most challenging, yet most satisfying, creations. From the uniforms, weapons and attitudes of our diggers, these designs truly capture the times of our then young servicemen.

Explore the figurine range.

50th anniversary of the end of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War

50th Anniversary of the Battle of Coral-Balmoral collection

In 2018 the 1 RAR Association asked for a special collection to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the 1968 Battles of Coral and Balmoral where, between 12 May and 6 June 1968, Australia's Fire Support Bases at Coral and Balmoral endured some of the biggest and most sustained battles of Australian forces during the Vietnam War. It was about pride in service for those who were there, their regiments today, and for the families.

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Vietnam Remembered Book

Vietnam Remembered

Updated Edition

Read the names of every Australian who served in the Vietnam Conflict in this rare and insightful look at the times, the people, and the long lasting impacts the war had on Australian society. This updated edition of Vietnam Remembered remembers every veteran and their service to our country. A proud memory of mates and family. Order now

50th anniversary of the end of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War

We Served with Pride Vietnam War Collection

This stunning series from 2009 was created to reflect our national commitment to the Vietnam War and was our first to highlight the service of Army, Air Force and civilian nurses. It depicts iconic images cast in antiqued bronze with enamel ribbons of the Australian Active Service Medal 45-75, the Vietnam Medal, the Australian Defence Medal and the Vietnamese Campaign Medal.

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Vietnam Remembered Book

Vietnam War Combined Arms Contact Collection

In 2013 we engaged renowned military artist, Drew Harrison, and military historian and author Graham Wilson, to create a detailed original artwork which showed the difference armour, artillery and air support can make when united in a combined force. From their creation we delivered a truly inspired and historic collection to share the story of Vietnam and service.

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50th anniversary of the end of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War

COLOURS OF Vietnam War Collection

Veterans and family have always been proud to wear their Vietnam campaign ribbons. This skilfully crafted 2011 design uses the Vietnam map and campaign medal ribbons, as well as dramatic images of Australian Forces Vietnam National Memorial, to share that pride.

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Vietnam Remembered Book

Vietnam Infantry "J" Bear

The limited-edition Vietnam Infantry "J" Bear was created in 2016 at the request of many community members who wanted something for children to remember their family's service. We kitted him out in typical "Jungle Greens" complete with "Giggle" hat and M1956 Individual Load Carrying Equipment. The last of these stunning little fellows was homed long ago but you can read more about him here.

50th anniversary of the end of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War

Vietnam War Books Collection

Our reading collection includes a superb selection of Vietnam related books that reach into the personal accounts of men in battle; command under fire; military tactics and operations; and links to our military heritage and national history. Great works by those who understand service and the personal cost of war, including personal accounts of Vietnam from the likes of Harry Smith; Ian MacKay, Peter Scott; Dave Morgan and others. We are proud to support the sharing of their knowledge.

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Vietnam Remembered Book


In 2012 we created a special collection to mark the 50th Anniversary of the 1962 deployment of the first Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV). This deployment was the start of Australia's commitment to the Vietnam War and the AATTV will always be remembered as an elite handpicked team who remain one of the most highly decorated Units in the history of the Australian Army.

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50th anniversary of the end of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War

Battle of Long Tan 50th Anniversary Collection

The 1966 Battle of Long Tan has a special place in the story of Vietnam. The date of this battle, August 18, is now our annual Vietnam Veteran's Day, and the Long Tan Cross erected at the site the following year to honour the fallen, has come to symbolise service and sacrifice in Vietnam. The help of decorated veterans of this battle, Harry Smith SG,MC and Dave Sabben MG, helped make this 50th anniversary collection a true reflection of the times and the courage of our fighting men.

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Vietnam Remembered Book

Our War in Vietnam 50th Anniversary 1962-2012

This landmark collection from 2012 commemorated the 50 Anniversary of Australia's commitment to the Vietnam War. While the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam 's small contingent marked the start of our war in Vietnam, this collection reflects the broader war years and captures Australia's land, air and sea power.

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