Iconic Aviation Collection - P51-D Mustang

The Iconic Aviation Collection

Part Four: The P-51D Mustang.

The captivating P-51D Mustang, an iconic fighter aircraft of the RAAF and the fourth instalment of the Iconic Aviation Collection. Though produced too late in Australia to participate in World War II, the RAAF Mustangs operated in Japan on occupation duties, and later took part in the Korean War from June 1950 to April 1951. Explore the dynamic P-51D Mustang Collection created around the stunning artwork Cutting the Lines by Australian military artist Drew Harrison. A limited-edition collection. Do not miss out on owning your piece of history and celebrating this iconic aircraft.

Our team walks you through this complete collection and stunning artwork.

Cutting the Lines

77 Squadron remained on station and was due to be recalled in 1950, however, this was cancelled on 25th June when hostilities over the Korean peninsula erupted. The Australian squadron led by S/Ldr Louis 'Lou' Spence (DFC and Bar, MiD) was immediately committed as part of the United Nation response and became second only to the United States in conducting initial combat operations over Korea. 77 Squadron Mustangs began their duties on 2nd July 1950 escorting American bombers to targets, although close support and strike missions became more prevalent.  Following the tragic loss of Spence in August, command of 77 Squadron was succeeded by the legendary S/Ldr Richard 'Dick' Cresswell DFC. During December he had learnt through debriefings that a rail bridge near Sonchon was targeted by B-29s on three separate occasions and all had failed in their task. Sensing an opportunity to enhance the squadron's reputation, Cresswell volunteered a small flight of Mustangs to undertake the same mission. On 17th December four aircraft including F/Lt Des Murphy in P-51D, A68-756 targeted the bridge. Destruction was attained solely with bombs. This was one of hundreds of routine operations flown by 77 Squadron during the opening stages of the conflict.  77 Squadron received a Presidential Citation from The Republic of Korea for operations over the peninsula along with numerous individual awards and citations for the hard-working crews. It remains one of Australia's premier fighter squadrons and is currently re-equipping with the F-35.  

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Art with an aircraft feel.

A beautiful piece of artwork on a unique display. The detailed work Cutting the Lines from Drew Harrison brings you to an operation with P-51D Mustangs of 77 Squadron during the early stages of the Korean War. Presented on 3mm solid aluminium this striking showpiece brings together dynamic artwork with a tangible nod to the manufacturing of these aircraft, making for a sensational commemorative piece to celebrate this iconic aircraft. Limited to only 250 releases, do not miss the opportunity to secure your copy of this aluminium artwork.



The perfect collector's item.

The stunning limited-edition proof quality Air Force 100 P-51D Mustang Medallion is the perfect way to commemorate the Air Force Centenary. Featuring beautiful snapshots from Drew Harrison's spectacular artwork, this striking silver-plated medallion also features the Air Force Centenary logo on the reverse side, creating a wonderful commemorative item. With only 500 to be released, do not miss out on adding this to your collection.This limited-edition medallion is also part of the complete Iconic Aviation Medallion Set! Get all six medallions celebrating some of the most iconic aircraft of the RAAF. Explore the set.



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Museum-quality at your fingertips.

A spectacular reproduction of Cutting the Lines by leading Australian military aviation artist Drew Harrison. Faithfully replicated using the latest scanning and printing methods this canvas artwork is an ideal showpiece for your office or home. Printed on Hahnemühle Daguerre Canvas with pigment inks, meeting the most exacting requirements of age resistance and fade tested up to 75 plus years. This precise replica is presented on varnished canvas and measures 600mm x 450mm, perfect for any home or office. Hand-signed and numbered by artist Drew Harrison secure your copy of this limited-edition print. Only 100 copies worldwide, order early to secure the lowest numbers.



A hand-signed print to cherish.

A print of this stunning artwork is a perfect addition to your space and makes a sensational gift for yourself or a loved one. Printed using archival inks on 310gsm True Rag Etching Paper, these artworks are museum quality and tested not to fade for over 75 years. With the full sheet measuring 700mm x 550mm, this vibrant print is presented with a limited-edition certificate of authenticity and in-depth artist note. A beautiful collector's item hand-signed and numbered by artist Drew Harrison. Secure one of the 250 limited edition prints now.


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Artwork for the everyday.

Make every day special with this vibrant and beautiful coffee mug. Limited to only 1000, get a perfect limited-edition piece you'll want to use every day of the week. With beautiful artwork depicting P-51D Mustangs of 77 Squadron, and a schematic of the aircraft in the base, your mornings have never looked better. This durable ceramic mug with an easy-grip handle and scratch-resistant finish is perfect for home or the office. Get the full set of six and set up your kitchen with the complete Iconic Aviation Limited Edition Coffee Mug Set. Explore the complete set below.



A beautiful way to keep drinks cold.

Artwork for your next barbeque or camping trip. This limited-edition drink cooler featuring Drew Harrison's Cutting the Lines and a schematic of the aircraft in the base is an eye-catching cooler, perfect for keeping your drinks cold. With beautiful artwork depicting P-51D Mustangs of 77 Squadron, your mornings have never looked better. Limited to only 1000, this cooler is perfect for sharing with family and friends. Get drink coolers for the whole family with the complete set of six featuring the unique artwork of the Iconic Collection. Explore the complete set now.


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Need the complete collection? Discover our Iconic Aviation Limited Edition Sets now.

Air Force 100 Iconic Aviation Limited Edition Medallion Set of 6 .

The striking Air Force 100 Iconic Aviation Limited Edition Medallions. A wonderful collection to commemorate the Air Force Centenary.This limited-edition proof-quality set of six new medallions commemorating iconic RAAF aircraft features stunning extracts from Drew Harrison's unique artworks. Minted from brass alloy and finished in highly polished silver, these stunning medallions capture snapshots of the range of aircraft operated by the RAAF over the past century. Featuring full-colour renderings from the artworks and raised schematics of each aircraft, this set is not to be missed. Only 1000 sets are available, secure yours now. Order early to secure the lowest numbers.  



Set of Six Limited Edition Coffee Mugs by Drew Harrison.

The complete collection of limited-edition coffee mugs features the beautiful new artworks by leading Australian military aviation artist Drew Harrison. Complete with a schematic of each aircraft in the base and limited-edition details, these stunning mugs capture snapshots of the wide range of aircraft operated by the RAAF over the past century. With only 1000 sets worldwide, secure a set of all six striking mugs, perfect for any home or office. Order now.



Set of Six Limited Edition Drink Coolers by Drew Harrison .

The collection of the six iconic limited edition drink coolers featuring the stunning artwork of Drew Harrison and depicting some of the most recognisable aircraft of the Air Force. Limited to only 1000 sets. With schematics of the aircraft and limited-edition details inside, these stunning coolers capture the range of aircraft operated by the RAAF over the past century in beautiful detail. Only 1000 sets are available worldwide, so secure these drink coolers now and be the envy of everyone at your next barbeque. Do not miss out.



About the Artist:

Drew Harrison is one of Australia's leading military aviation artists. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Drew is an award-winning practising professional artist and an acrylic paint specialist.

Creating artworks that are characteristically unique and a fresh take in the military art space, Drew has a meticulous eye for the incredible detail and accuracy captured in his paintings.

Drew was previously commissioned by the Air Force Shop to create an artwork to truly memorialise the magnificent milestone of the Air Force Centenary.

Continuing our wonderful relationship with Drew, six new works have been commissioned, creating highly researched and beautifully detailed artworks of six iconic aircraft operated by the RAAF.

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