Aviation Collection

Aviation Collection

Celebrate all things aviation.

Discover our aviation collections of sensational limited edition items commemorating the Air Force Centenary,
S-70A-9 Black Hawk End of Service, and some of the most iconic aircraft of the Royal Australian Air Force.
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Then. Now. Always
The Limited Edition Collection.

Commemorate the Air Force Centenary year with the sensational limited edition collection based around the incredible masterpiece by leading military aviation artist Drew Harrison.

Commissioned to create an artwork that would truly memorialise this magnificent milestone, Drew created the sensational piece Then. Now. Always. Centenary of The Royal Australian Air Force. Encapsulating the first 100 years of Air Force across three intricate panels, Drew's work captures the history of the RAAF from its beginnings at Point Cook in 1921, to the present day and beyond. Explore the exclusive, high-quality, limited edition items that have come to life in this wonderful collection and become a proud owner of your piece of history.



A stunning limited edition collection celebrating six of the most iconic aircraft of the Royal Australian Air Force.

Working with leading Australian military aviation artist Drew Harrison, six original new paintings were created featuring some of the most popular aircraft of the past 100 years. Depicting the six aircraft in vibrant colours, Drew Harrison captures the F-111, the C-130 Hercules, the Lancaster Bomber, the P51-D Mustang, the Catalina, and the CAC Sabre. Discover an incredible limited edition range that includes aluminium artworks, medallions, coffee mugs sets and more. Explore the range and do not miss out on this wonderful collection.


The End Of Service Collection
The S-70A-9 Black Hawk

The S-70A-9 Black Hawk has played a pivotal role within Australian Army Aviation (AAAvn) and the Royal Australian Air Force since its acceptance in 1987.

Fulfilling numerous military roles and assisting the wider Australian community, the Black Hawks have become a much-loved aircraft for many. Celebrate one of the world's most advanced battle helicopters as its service comes to an end with the AAAvn. The limited edition Black Hawk Sunset Collection is a wonderful range created around the spectacular artwork from Drew Harrison to capture the might of the S-70A-9 Black Hawks and the continued importance of these aircraft to 5th and 6th Aviation Regiments while paying homage to the AAAvn. Salute this beloved aircraft with the complete End of Service Collection now.


The Spirit of ANZACs Collection

The Spirit of the ANZACs collections aim to provide a contemporary context
to the values and strengths associated with our first diggers.

These beautiful products actively support and promote
what can be characterised as the core Anzac Spirit values:
Courage. Mateship. Loyalty. Honour. Remembrance.


Limited Edition Gallery

Become immersed in our sensational range of limited edition products.

Discover our wonderful gallery of limited edition and collectables that commemorate and honour the service
of brave men and women and remember the sacrifices of those who have gone before.
A range made to be treasured.