Vertx-Contingency Duffle 85l - Camouflage Multicam Black

Introducing the Contingency Duffel 85L - the ultimate solution for unpredictable moments. Stay prepared and organised with rapid access, weapon sleeve, and impact protection. Travel hassle-free with confidence. Read more..

Be prepared with the Contingency Duffel 85L - the ultimate solution for unpredictable moments. Stay organised and ready for any situation. Order now and embark on your next adventure with confidence.

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The Contingency Duffel 85L is the ultimate solution for those unpredictable moments in life. Whether you're an adventurer exploring uncharted territories or simply preparing for the unexpected, this duffel bag is designed to keep you prepared and organised. With its multitude of pockets and compartments, you'll have easy access to all your essentials, exactly when you need them.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Access Pull: The end pocket features a quick access pull, allowing you to retrieve your padded weapon sleeve and Tactigami accessories in an instant. Stay ready for any situation with this convenient feature.
  • Padded Weapon Sleeve: Your safety is our priority. The weapon sleeve is padded on all sides, preventing any printing and ensuring discreet carry.
  • U-shaped Top Access Opening: Say goodbye to rummaging through your bag. The large U-shaped top access opening provides easy visibility and quick retrieval of your belongings.
  • Convertible Top Flap: The top flap of the duffel bag can be converted into a cleaning, organisational, or changing mat. Stay clean and organised wherever you go.
  • Impact-Protective Padding: The main compartment is equipped with impact-protective padding on the bottom and two sides, ensuring the safety of your valuables. Additionally, the full loop lined wall allows for easy attachment of Tactigami accessories.


  • Colour: Multicam, Black
  • Material: 600D polyester
  • Dimensions: Outside: 13”H x 30”L x 17”W, CCW: 13”H x 29”L x 11”W, Main Compartment: 11”H x 29”L x 2”W
  • Weight: 7.5 lb
  • Capacity: 85 L

When it comes to travel, the Contingency Duffel 85L takes the hassle out of carrying your belongings. Its versatile design allows for pack, sling, and hand carry options, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience. The low-profile silhouette blends seamlessly into any environment, making you feel at home even in the most uncertain scenarios.

Don't let unexpected situations catch you