RITR AW 97 Tactical Pen

Introducing the Rite In The Rain Tactical Pen. Write confidently in any situation. It writes on wet paper, upside down, and withstands extreme temperatures. Order now for worry-free writing. Read more..

Experience the power of the Rite In The Rain All Weather Tactical Pen. Write on wet waterproof paper, upside down, and in extreme temperatures. Order now and write with confidence in any situation.

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The Rite In The Rain All Weather Tactical Pen is the ultimate writing tool for any situation. Whether you're out in the field or simply need a reliable pen for everyday use, this pen is designed to perform in any weather condition.

Why settle for a regular pen when you can have a pen that writes on wet waterproof paper and even upside down? With the Rite In The Rain All Weather Tactical Pen, you can write with confidence no matter the circumstances.

Key Features:

  • Writes on wet waterproof paper: Never worry about your notes getting ruined by rain or water again. This pen is specially designed to write on wet surfaces, ensuring that your important information stays intact.
  • Writes upside down: Need to write in a tight space or an awkward angle? No problem. This pen is engineered to write upside down, giving you the flexibility to write in any situation.
  • Temperature resistant: From freezing cold temperatures of -34.4C to scorching hot temperatures of 121.1C, this pen can withstand it all. No matter where you are or what the weather is like, this pen will always perform.


  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Powder-coated brass
  • Length: 13.4cm
  • Weight: 22.6gm

Order the Rite In The Rain All Weather Tactical Pen now from the military specialists and experience the power of a pen that can handle anything. Don't let the weather or any challenging conditions hold you back. With this pen, you can write with confidence and precision, no matter what. Order now and never worry about your writing tools again.