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Ltd Ed Medallion CAC-Controlling the Fight

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  • Ltd Ed Medallion CAC-Controlling the Fight
  • Ltd Ed Medallion CAC-Controlling the Fight
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The stunning Vietnam 1969 Combined Arms Contact Limited Edition Medallion-Controlling the Fight from the military specialists. The Vietnam 2013 Proof Medallions are ideal for the collectors or for those seeking a special gift. Each medallion captures aspects of Harrison's painting of the Royal Australian Regiment, the 1st Armoured Regiment, the 3rd Cavalry Regiment and Air Force Hueys in a combined arms engagement to tell the story of the fight. The reverse of each medallion features the engraved Australian and South Vietnam flags. The medallion is minted from brass alloy and finished in highly polished and frosted silver. The medallion measures 50mm by 4.5mm and is enclosed in a sturdy clear protector and presented in a quality leatherette case. Only 250 medallions will be available worldwide. Comes with numbered certificate of authenticity.

Combined Arms Contact - Controlling the fight Vietnam was largely a war of patrols and close quarter contacts. More often than not infantrymen would fight these engagements on their own, away from support or supplies. It was the platoon commander, often a National Service second lieutenant with perhaps a years' service, who would coordinate actions on the ground and, when necessary, call in tactical support from armour, artillery or air. In the 2013 artwork 'Combined Arms Contact' from which this medallion image is lifted, renowned Australian artist, Drew Harrison shows the infantry platoon commander, with his signaller close by, controlling the fight. Unseen in the medallion are the resources at hand - the firepower of Centurion tanks of the 1st Armoured Regiment and an M113 armoured personnel carrier from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment. With these assets the commander could subdue the enemy and move his troops to positions of advantage. He could also call in the support of Air Force Hueys, both for fire power and for resupply and medical evacuations. Between 1962 and 1973 almost 60,000 Australians, including ground troops, Air Force and Navy personnel, served in Vietnam. More than 3,000 were wounded. Five hundred and twenty one lost their lives.

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