After an incredibly busy period of long days, night shifts, and working weekends leading up to and throughout the Air Force Centenary commemorations and ANZAC Day, your Military Shop Team is taking some well-earned rest and relaxation over the upcoming Bank Holiday in the ACT.

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State of Your Spirit Survey

How Do You Prefer to Honour ANZAC Day?

For many people, honouring those who have sacrificed and continue to selflessly serve our country on ANZAC Day, is a long-held tradition that defines the ANZAC spirit.

A tradition that was sadly interrupted with the emergence of the COVID pandemic sweeping across the world, and the health orders, lockdowns and public restrictions that followed.

The authorities were forced to make hard and fast decisions – some of them unpopular – as they battled to protect the community and stem the spread, leaving many people frustrated and their protests unheard. 

Undeterred, Australians still found a way around all the obstacles, and chose to pay their respects by marching to the end of their driveway in a nation-wide, community-driven initiative that became known as Light Up the Dawn.

In the interest of all those who believe in the sanctity of ANZAC Day and the right of every Australian to honour and respect those who have sacrificed and serve in the way that they choose, we are undertaking a national survey of everyday people like you - to get a clearer picture of the state of your heart, your mind, and spirit a year after the pandemic took away one of Australia’s most tightly held traditions – the freedom, to gather commemorate, and march on ANZAC Day.

Your opinion is vitally important to the efficacy of this report, its findings and published results, so your participation is strongly encouraged.

Please take a moment to reflect on the many meanings of ANZAC Day and how our Defence Force - through incredible sacrifice - has shaped Australia into the great country it is today, and let the nation know The State of Your Spirit by completing our nationwide survey.